Respect Her tea is going to get cold.
Balance I mean...we don't really know much about Natsuki's life outside of the club...It could be that she simply needs to make friends at her own pace, rather than jump headfirst into a new commitment.
Balance And Natsuki and I are completely different, so...
Balance 🎀: You said that you and Natsuki are completely different, but I don't really think that's true. I think you're actually really similar in a lot of ways.
Reflection Try asking someone who has no shame. Like Natsuki.
Reflection Wow, what the heck? Is that book even bigger than the last one you were reading?
Reflection I should get one of those mangas that's like fifty volumes long so that I can say I've read more than you. Ahaha!
Reflection What kind of nerve does she have to call my hobby boring?
Reflection I'm skeptical when it comes to Natsuki...I trust you, Monika, but I'm skeptical.
Reflection Oh, like you would turn down a free sundae, Yuri. You were certainly a fan of those cupcakes I brought in the other week.
Reflection But I always got the impression that you secretly looked down upon me, so I'm glad my suspicions were confirmed.
Reflection Yuri actually looks down on me! It has nothing to do with her word choice or anything like that.
Reflection In fact, it's a good opportunity to read some manga, without having to worry about feeding Yuri's superiority complex.
Reflection This was bound to happen eventually—Natsuki and Yuri have always engaged with each other the least out of anyone, and this is the reason.
Reflection I just...I just hate that she thinks she's so much better than me, just because she likes to pretend to be all sophisticated.
Reflection My feelings make me a bad person. Because my feelings just want to tell me that I'm so much better than her. That she's a judgmental know-it-all who's stuck in her edgy phase and that I'm just way above that garbage. But I'm terrible for feeling that way.
Reflection Natsuki even said she found it more respectable when people speak their mind. So I did, and then she hated me anyway.
Reflection 🖊️: Hey, what do you think of Natsuki?
📚: I—I don't think about her!
Reflection Natsuki...seems to bring out the worst in me. And I feel really ashamed of it.
Reflection ...I'm going to write her a letter.
Reflection But I don't want to come to the club the same day that Natsuki reads it. I'm...too shy.
Self-Love That's—not what I meant, really. I's totally cool that it's your thing, or, I can see how it suits you, so...
Self-Love Yuri finds herself attempting some words of comfort after hearing Natsuki stammer herself into dejection.
Self-Love Natsuki approaches the base of the staircase and hesitantly sits herself down near Yuri.
Self-Love Yuri continues to read, or at least pretends to.
Self-Love Oh, you're here again.
...Well, I just came here to read this. Because there aren't any people around here.
Self-Love Although Yuri's letter is still lingering in the back of Natsuki's mind, she continues to detour around it.
Self-Love By the way, I would totally recommend finding some friends online if you haven't already. If you're like me and have no one to share your hobbies with.
Self-Love She turns red and stares into her lap, but is unable to hide a smile, as though it was a really funny joke.
Self-Love During lunchtime, Natsuki finds herself having wandered to the stairwell once more.
Self-Love ...I'll do something nice for you next time.
Self-Love ...Sorry, none of this has anything to do with you. I don't know why I'm talking about it.
Self-Love I learning about people. Do you think it's weird?
Self-Love Well unlike them, she's a nice person who cares about your feelings.
Self-Love Excuse me? How about you don't talk that way about my friends that you don't know anything about?
Self-Love Please don't leave...
Self-Love I just...don't like people who want to hurt you.
Self-Love ...Just don't worry so much about me. It's not worth it.
Self-Love I just wanna mind my own business sometimes! And decide myself if I want to talk about things. The only one who understands that is you.
Self-Love Plus, it makes sense that someone who doesn't talk a lot would make a good listener.
Self-Love Thank you. You're...also nice.
Self-Love You don't have to answer to that, I'm just talking to myself.
Self-Love Really? It's that hard for you to be around people? Like...all the time?
Self-Love Do you you ever wish that you could be friends with the characters in your books?
Self-Love After Natsuki mutters that, silence fills the stairwell once more. But it's a mutual silence. One full of understanding.
Self-Love Oh, hello. I almost thought you weren't coming today.
Self-Love 📚: ...This is green tea flavored.
🧁: ...
📚: I love green tea.
Self-Love Yuri turns red, recalling the time she rather generously treated herself to Natsuki's cupcakes.
Self-Love I'm struggling to imagine myself putting my heart into something so artistic, knowing that it would just be eaten afterwards.
Self-Love ...And I don't have to bother you during your alone time anymore. I'm sure you have a lot of reading to catch up on.
Self-Love I know that...that cupcakes are basically nothing compared to all the stuff you've done for me. But it's the best I can do. So you can have the rest of them.
Self-Love But—I made them for you.
Self-Love You make me happy! You're worth more than cupcakes to some people.
Self-Love I just really hate myself sometimes. And it feels so wrong when you say those nice things to me. Like I don't deserve it.
Self-Love It...pained me to see those things in someone else that I saw in myself.
Self-Love Also...there are things about you that...people would like, so...
Self-Love how you're fun for people to be around. And you're not shy. And you know how to make people laugh. And you're very passionate about things, and you know how to take the lead. And you care a lot about other people. And just...a lot of things...
Self-Love Well, now you're making me feel really embarrassed.
Self-Love Every time I come here, I always think it's the last time, but then I end up coming back for some reason.
Self-Love Natsuki. If anyone even thinks to cause you harm...I will unleash hell upon them.
Self-Love Ahaha. Sorry, I was just—I liked that. That's all.
Self-Love Natsuki gives Yuri an endearing look.
Self-Love Just take the cupcakes, okay? I don't...I don't want other people to have them anymore.
Self-Love I'm not a total shut-in, you know.
Self-Love I—I have experience with this. So I'll help you through it. Okay?
Self-Love ...You're not alone. From now on. You don't have to do anything alone.
Self-Love Yuri tenses up. It's rare for her to so openly share her thoughts. But something about Natsuki—of all people—makes it feel so much more natural to do so.
Self-Love I'm probably gonna have a lot of free time during the weekends, from now on. So you're giving me permission to be as annoying as I want and drag you around to a lot of places.
Self-Love I know a good ice cream place.
Self-Love Chocolate and raspberry? How fancy.
Self-Love There's nothing that will make this easy for me. And you already did more than I thought anyone could.
Self-Love Come to think of it, we never talked about the letter you wrote...But I feel like we're way past that at this point...I don't even know what to talk about.
Self-Love I thought...I thought it was a coincidence that you ran into me here initially?
Self-Love I...I may have tracked you down first. With the help of Sayori.
Self-Love I was shy, okay? I wasn't ready to like...Whatever, you know what I'm saying.
Self-Love You know, I could get used to this.
Self-Love As long long as you don't tease me too much.
Equals 📚: Besides, I'm not...cute.
🧁: Hey, isn't that my line?
📚: Oh...Well, for me, it's actually true, so...
🧁: W-What are you saying??
📚: Nothing!
Equals Yuri, I can't believe you were complaining about doing this and still went before me. What a show-off.
Equals Seeing us have some of the same struggles...made me a better person as well. I wouldn't want to change anything about our time here. I don't think any of us would.
Equals You already have the best hair out of all of us.