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Defense Mechanisms

reality is tough!

Freud believed defense mechanisms happen indirectly and unconsciously. He also believed that repression is the foundation for them all.

  • Regression retreating to a more infantile psychosexual stage: reverting to the oral comfort of thumb sucking.
  • Reaction formation switching unacceptable impulses into their opposities: one displaying exaggerated friendliness to compensate for feelings of hatred.
  • Projection disguising one's own threating impulses by attributing them to others: "The thief thinks everyone else is a thief".
  • Rationalization offering self-justifying explanations in place of the real & more threatining unconscious reasons for one's action: A habitual drinker says she drinks with her friends "just to be sociable".
  • Displacement shifting sexual/aggressive impulses toward a more acceptable/less threating object/person: a little girl kicking the family dog after being sent to her room.
  • Sublimation transferring unacceptable impulses into socially valued motives: a man with aggressive urges becoming a surgeon.
  • Denial refusing to believe/perceive painful realities: Basil refusing to believe that Sunny killed Mari even though he saw it happen right in front of him.

Psychoanalytic Stages

angel ☆ devil !

the angel on one shoulder, the devil on the other. the one who must satisfy the two. we've all seen this scenario, right?


the angel. very 1w2-esque. this incorporates societal values and beliefs, and is learned through authority figures. it punishes bad behavior with guilt and rewards good behavior by being your ideal self.


The devil! An unconscious, impulsive, chaotic devil. The id operates on the pleasure principle. Does this not sound interesting? I find the id charming, as I've typed it as an sx 7w8. King and Murr come to mind~


the one who must satisfy the two without negative consequences. the ego functions so that it seeks pleasure and avoidds pain. sounds unrealistic to me. it operates on the reality principle. For some reason, Monika came to mind.

9th of September

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