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Projective Tests

A projective test is a personality test that provides ambiguous stimula designed to trigger projection of one's inner dynamics.
The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is a projective test in which people express their inner feelings & interests through the stories they make up about ambiguous scenes.
The Rorschach Inkblot Test is the most widely used projective test. It's a set of 10 inkblots that seek to identify people's inner feelings by analyzing their interpretations of the blots.
Card I: provides clues about how subjects tackle a new and stressful task. It isn't a card that is usually difficult for the subject to handle, having readily available popular responses.
Card II: blood is shown. This provides indications about how a subject is likely to manage feelings of anger/physical harm. This can also generate sexual responses.
Card III: shows humans, providing info about how the subject relates with other people.
Card IV: serves to elicit a sense of authority. Since the human/animal seen in the card is usually seen as a man (men & authority) this is often called The Father Card.

Criticisms of Projective Tests

081721 Quiz

Freud believed that a healthy person's ego is stronger than the superego and id. Remember the word egocentric!

Defense Mechanisms

Freud believed these happen indirectly and unconsciously. He also believed that repression is the foundation for all defense mechanisms.

Psychoanalytic Stages

The id is the "devil", the superego the "angel". The ego is the bridge between the two.
Enneagram types that correspond to this are:

The id

It's impulsive, unconscious, responds directly to immediate instincts, and chaotic. It operates on the pleasure principle.
It's very sx 7w8ish to me, & this reminds me of King & Murr.

The ego

This is the reason and the logic. It satisfies the id without negative consequences. It seeks pleasure & avoids pain. It's the reality principle!
This reminds me of Monika.

The superego

This incorporates values and beliefs of society. You learn this through authority figures. It controls id impulses. The superego punishes bad behavior through guilt. It rewards good behavior by being your ideal self.
This reminds me of Iida & Kunikida.
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